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StationBox S Outdoor Enclosure

Mikrotik 4XX ,7XX,9XX serisi boardlarda kullanmak için dışmekan uygun kutu+ anten

RF Elements StationBox S

Product Description

RF Elements StationBox S

StationBox S turns MikroTik RouterBoard RB711 or RB411 into flexible compact outdoor radio unit. You can mount it on the antenna or on compatible holder for easy installation.

S like Speed: 2x2 MiMo Technology

StationBox S is ready for 2x2 MiMo in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Design is unique, distinctive, yet fully functional, incl. visible LEDs. Enclosure is weather resistant, made of UV protected ABS plastic.

S like Snap It!

StationBox S is compatible with RF elements MiMo Sector antennas. It can be attached to New MiMo Sector antennas from RF elements, as well as most popular antennas on the market.

Designed for Performance and Versatility

StationBox S will serve any task you will require: Base Station Sector Solution, Point-to-Point applications, Indoor or Outdoor HotSpot Solution. We offer wide range of accessories that help you explore new opportunies with StationBox S.


  • MiMo Technology
  • Made For MikroTik
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
  • No Corrosion
  • Easy and Fast Installation
  • EasyBracket™ S Compatible
  • Made of UV resistant ABS
  • Weather Resistant
  • SMA-RP or N-female
  • MMCX or UFL
  • LEDs visible
  • Fast Locking System – Snap It! to Antenna
  • Compatible with New RF elements Sectors
  • Compatible with UBNT AirMax High Gain Sectors
  • Compatible with UBNT RocketDish
  • Turns RouterBoard into Compact Radio Unit
  • 2.4GHz or 5GHz Solution
  • Single or Dual Chain
  • Pole and Wall Mount Included


 Not: ürün sadece kutu ,  pigtailller olarak satılmaktadır uygun olan board ayrıca satın alınmalıdır

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