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Dbii Networks F50-PRO I 802.11A 5 GHz 27 dBm

Dbii Networks F50-PRO is the World's 1st True Integrated Lightning & ESD* protected 802.11a 4.9GHz/5GHz band device with robust surge protection capabilities built into it. It employs our patent pending architecture that integrates the protection for the Radio Frequency (RF) antenna port. Power over Ethernet (POE) port can also be protected with the SafeSurge add-on. Its 500mW RF output power and best in class receive sensitivity and gain are designed with long distance outdoor wireless networks in mind. The card has a built-in Heatsink that makes it optimal for high temperature environments. Its improved co-channel interference will also provide highest level of performance in noisy networks. The card is FCC & CE approved. The radio is also FCC approved to be used at 4.9GHz in the U.S.

*Lightning or Surge protection is different than ESD. Other manufacturers might claim both, but they only have ESD protection. Our PRO cards have both built-in

*Most cards are only FCC & CE certified in the 5GHz even though it's listed in the datasheet as working in the licensed 4.9GHz frequency. Ours is licensed on BOTH frequencies. Click here for FCC website check and type the first 3 letters of FCC-ID. It is the customers responsibility to operate in the correct licensed frequency.

RF Port "Lightning" Protection (Built-in)
ESD Handling
Surge Handling
Over 6kV*
8/20uS (1kA)*

*The miniPCI card should be properly grounded with the supplied cable to achieve this level of protection.

Ethernet "Lightning" Protection (a.k.a. SafeSurge is a optional add-on unit)
PoE Configuration
PoE Data Pins
PoE Power Pins
Max. POE operating Voltage
Surge Handling
Passive (Positive or Negative power supply)
1, 2, 3, 6
4, 5, 7, 8
Up to 57V
8/20uS (1kA)*



Dbii Networks F50-PRO I 802.11A 5 GHz 27 dBm
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