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Compex WPE72 Wireless AP Board

part no: WPE72-7A 8MB NOR FLASH / 32MB DDR

Compex WPE72 is a small and compact wireless embedded platform based on Atheros AR7240 400MHz processor, features 1 Mini-PCIe slot, 1 Mini USB connector, 1 beeper, 2 Ethernet ports with both passive PoE support. This enables either port can be used as main port for data and power transmission. With integrated PoE cascade arrangement, the secondary Ethernet port is capable of driving another passive PoE device, which enables seamless IP Video Surveillance integration. The board supports Compex and OpenWRT firmware, Customization and Re-branding are also available. All these features make it suitable for various applications, accelerating new product time to market, reducing risk and cost.

product datasheet : http://www.compex.com.sg/Datasheets/PCBA-WPE72-BB_DSv1.0.4.pdf



  • Atheros AR7240 400MHz Network Processor
  • 1 Mini PCIe slot
  • 2 Ethenet ports
  • Supports all Compex Mini PCIe radio modules
  • Supports Compex, OpenWRT firmware
  • Integrated passive Power-over-Ethernet
  • Integrated PoE cascade arrangement
  • Optional Remote hardware reset
Compex WPE72 Wireless AP Board
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