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AirBridge IP SMART Lan-Röle IP kontrollü Priz

Neywork Üzeinden Prizleri açma kapama, zamanla açma kapama ping wathdog fonksiyonu sıcaklık sensörü takarak sıcaklık belli değerlere gelince açma kapama
  • management by WWW or SNMP v2.

  • firmware upgrade by special application

  • read data in real time without refresh the page

  • ON/OFF power to five outlets directly from a web page or SNMP

  • Watchdog IP for 5 IP adresses and automatical reaction if no reply

  • monitoring up to 4 temperature sensors on 1wire interface

  • environment temperature measure in power unit 

  • Even Config - adjustable power ON dealy on each outlet after turnign on the unit

  • Sheduler - set up to 10 time events like turning on, off, resets 

  • date and time from NTP or manual

  • email or SNMP alert when Watchdog activation or temperature sensor filled condition

  • Remote - availability to remote control from buttons of other Lan Controller

  • supported protocols: HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, NTP, ICMP, DNS, DHCP.

  • outlet quantity:               5
  • power voltage:       AC 230V
  • max curent:                10A
  • max power:              2300W
  • fuse:                        2x10A
  • power cable:         wire with plug
  • ethernet:                   RJ45, 10Mb
  • 1wire:                        RJ11 support up to 4 sensors
AirBridge IP SMART Lan-Röle IP kontrollü Priz
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