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Lan-Röle Kontrol POE Reset

Lan Rmle Modülü için POE reset modülü
  •  Ports                                                         4
  •  The number of  ports PoE  LAN                     4
  •  Supply voltage                                           DC 12-36V

Attention: Please don't supply PoE restarter and GSM by 2 independent adapters! You can disconnect one of adapter (for example on GSM v2 board) or release jumper based near power terminal on reseter board. 
Below 1A of current demand by devices connected to PoE restater board, supply can be realized by IDC ribbon from GSM board.
If you have higher load please connect supply directly to PoE restarter board and disconnect GSM board supply. Then it will be supplied by this IDC10 ribbon.

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